Sunday, 25 October 2009

Contrarotulus at the 2009 Daffodil Awards!!

Well well, what an amazing day! It started off by getting lost in Milton Keynes and its many roundabouts. Jeeze that was horrible. But soon after we were rehearsing by some cat poo and a used condom before moving to a specially cordoned off section of Stantonbury Campus.

Then it was off to do some teching and we got a little taster of what was in store later!

Phillip Whiteman (standing) and Michael Andrew (sitting)
Sophie Hamedani
Gemma Stone
Nina Hatchwell
Giovanni Bienne

Joe and I snuck off for a quick skate at the famous Milton Keynes bus shelter while cast got on with some rehearsals and box making as Director Dan Ayling illustrates beautifully.

Then it was a case of watching all 20 plays. Some were not too bad, some were really good and a good portion stank. Contrarotulus was the 13th play to show and I crept a little closer to the stage to sneak a few cheeky photos in.

13th maybe unlucky for some but not for us!

We scooped the Best Overall Piece!

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